Nessa Lovell

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Hi, I'm Nessa Lovell

Hi!  I'm Nessa, and it is lovely to meet you.  

I am an artist, intuitive, healer, guide, author, mother and wife from the beautiful Yass Valley, in NSW, Australia.   

The main theme in my life has been magic - seeking it, finding it, experiencing it, creating it. Throughout my journey as a young, solo Mum to a face painting fairy, to an artist who weaves magic into my artworks, I have sought to imbue my life and my offerings with a sense of wonder, magic and transformation.  

Currently I use my knowledge and experience of energetic and emotional clearing techniques, essential oils, colour therapy, spiritual healing, Belief Coding and energy work to create beautiful abstract artworks brimming with their own unique magic.  Once created, I can ‘read’ these artworks like a tarot card - taking their new owners on a journey through the colours and patterns and how they relate to their lives.  

I create artworks with collective messages regularly, and do a weekly Monday Message using my Soul Creator Card Deck, so follow me on Facebook or Instagram to discover these magical pieces and cards. You will find me on Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and I also have a Redbubble store where you can shop my artworks on all manner of useful items from travel mugs to tote bags.  You will find my links below.  

I also love to work 1:1 with my clients around limiting beliefs and the magic that comes from transforming those into more expansive mindsets.  Keep an eye out for some of my new offerings that will be coming soon.

Nessa xxx

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