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Hi, I'm Nessa Lovell

Hi!  I'm Nessa Lovell - Soul Code Artist and Inner-Self Alchemist - and it is lovely to meet you.  

I am a wife and a mother of 3, living in the beautiful Yass Valley in Australia.  I'm a 33/6 in Numerology, a 4/6 Sacral Generator in Human Design, a Taurus Sun, Cancer Moon and Leo Rising and am a lifelong creative and learner.  Oh, and I was a face painting fairy for 11 years.  

ALL of the work that I do - whether I am creating a Soul Code Artwork for your home or workspace, conducting a reading or taking you on a journey back to yourself with my 1:1 Soul Creator Initiation or Belief Coding® sessions - comes with a BIG dose of magic, wonder and transformation.  How you choose to receive the power and gifts that I give to you, is up to you.  

I'm not here to just be a sweet little artist with pretty paintings and a bit of woo-woo added.  I'm here to launch you into whatever orbit you are longing to be in.  I'm here to spread magic around the globe with powerful paintings and deep soul messages. I'm here to IGNITE my sisters who have lost themselves in their noisy lives. I want to see and rejoice in YOUR magic too. 

If you are ready to jump right in and get things MOVING, if your soul is screaming out to be seen, acknowledged, loved and ON FIRE, if you have given to everyone else for so long that you don't know who you are anymore, but want to find her again - then talk to me. Together, we can find a way to spark you back up again, probably with some glitter, colour and sparkle added.

Nessa xxx

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