There is far more to the world around us than that which our five senses can perceive.  

- Nessa Lovell


Nessa has had a passion for helping others for most of her life. Her fascination with the workings of the mind started in her early teens, with books on hypnosis and healing. She became enchanted with essential oils and healing herbs around the same time, and reading about esoteric concepts and traditional healing methods.

She has a Diploma in Community Development, a Diploma in Colour Therapy, is an accredited Belief Coding® Facilitator and has also trained in hypnotherapy and Eutaptics.  Nessa has been using and working with Young Living Essential Oils since 2008 and uses these in some of her modalities.

Nessa is a certified Angel Intuitive (2006), has studied under and been mentored by Saramatu - a high vibrational energy master and trance channel - and is also attuned to the Master Level in Kundalini Reiki. Nessa has attended and participated in many mediumship and psychic development workshops and is certified to practice colour therapy, Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique and Raindrop Technique.

When working with clients, Nessa uses a combination of her colour theory knowledge, understanding of the mind and human programs, and her intuition to get to the root of subconscious issues.


Raindrop Technique is a beautiful relaxing experience, involving Vitaflex (a Tibetan reflexology) on the feet, and specific massage elements on the back. The Technique derives it's name from the drops of essential oils dripped along the spine and fanned and feathered into the back. A Raindrop is an incredible aromatic experience, and assists in relieving tension in the back and along the spine. Each Raindrop is tailored to the individual and will be modified to allow for any medical conditions to ensure the client has a nurturing encounter. A Raindrop takes around 45 to 60 minutes. Allow 1.5 hours to account for paperwork.

$180 first session

$150 subsequent sessions

If you would like Nessa to come to you, there is an extra charge to cover travel.


Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique is based on an Ancient Egyptian ritual and uses beautiful Young Living essential oil blends such as Joy, Harmony, Forgiveness and others, to energetically clear the body and aura. After filling in some paperwork and discussing your intentions for the session, you will relax on the soft and comfortable table and be covered in warm blankets. Nessa will perform a Valor Balance on your feet, and anoint you with oils while you close your eyes and go on your own inner journey. Nessa uses her intuition and knowledge to clear chakras and energetic blockages from the auric field. The Technique is performed in silence, so that you may truly have time to yourself.

It is recommended that you fast for 4-6 hours prior to the ritual, and wear no jewellery. The session will be followed by some refreshments and time to discuss your experience. It is a beautifully relaxing technique. Allow 2 hours.

$277 first session

$233 subsequent sessions

Belief Coding® SESSIONS

Belief Coding® is a modality that accesses and transforms subconscious beliefs that may be preventing you from living the life of your dreams.  It is our beliefs - many of them below our level of conscious awareness, that steer our behaviours and emotional responses and can impact our health, finances and more.  Through Belief Coding®, we can pinpoint the beliefs and trapped emotions that are linked with our current discomforts, clear them and replace them with new ones.  

So what does that mean exactly?  Well consider this example - no matter how hard you try, and how many hours you put in, you just can't get ahead financially.  You WANT money, but it doesn't seem to stick.  Through a Belief Coding® session, we may discover that you have an underlying belief that money is cruel, or that it causes conflict.  As a result, you spend it as soon as it comes in - because you just don't need cruelty and conflict in your life.  When we've uncovered those beliefs, we then follow a process to reprogram them and replace them with something more empowering, which then allows you to have a different approach to money.  Suddenly, you are taking your power back, and making better choices, and NOW the money starts to stick.

Incredible shifts can occur when we change our belief's about ourselves - and with Belief Coding® we can work with anything you can think of - relationships, health, feeling stuck, grief, learning - everything has a belief associated with it, and a root cause we can work on.  

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$227 per session (allow 2-2.5 hours)