Welcome to The Glimmer Movement
Brightening the world one glimmer at a time.
Meet Nessa

Nessa Lovell is the artist and creator behind The Glimmer Movement.  Nessa sees her purpose as creating moments of wonder, magic and transformation for people all around the world.  

Nessa's work is unique in that each artwork is created intuitively and infused with intentions, essential oils, energy and healing.  Think of the paintings as a well of energy - working on the viewer to bring healing, balance or whatever is needed.  Once created, Nessa can read these artworks like a Tarot card, taking their owners on a journey through the colours and patterns and how they reflect past events, current challenges, strengths and talents.  

Nessa has Diplomas in Community Development and Colour Therapy, is attuned in Usui and Kundalini Reiki, is a certified practitioner of Raindrop Technique®, Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique® and Belief Coding®, and has spent a lifetime working on and with her spiritual gifts.  You can discover more about Nessa's work here.

The artworks created for The Glimmer Movement are all infused with the words on the back of the postcard they are featured on, as well as specific essential oils and other elements to increase their vibration.  Want to add to the energy and healing within the card?  Simply take a moment to gaze at the artwork, and imagine filling it with positive emotions.  

What does Glimmer stand for?

Most people know what 'being triggered' means, but do you know what it is to be glimmered?

The psychotherapist Deb Dana coined the term 'glimmer' to refer to moments of positivity - happiness, joy, gratitude, connection - so in effect a glimmer is the opposite of a trigger.  Think for a moment of standing in a ray of beautiful sunshine, seeing a magnificent rainbow on a stormy day, or playing with a happy baby or puppy.  

What is the Glimmer Movement?

The Glimmer Movement is a simple (and beautiful) way to spread a bit of love and joy around the world. Simply buy a 10 pack of Glimmer Cards, pick out some friends you want to make smile, address and stamp the cards, and put them in the post.  Who doesn't love something pretty and thoughtful in their letterbox?  

The added bonus of course, is that whether they believe in the energetic and the healing elements of the artworks or not, they will still benefit from having them in their space AND they receive a beautiful message from a friend to let them know they are appreciated and seen.  

You can buy a 10 pack of mixed cards (2 of each design) or 5 packs of specific designs here.  

Want to send something bigger, or really love a certain design?  Order a print in your chosen size, here.  

Sponsor a Custom Glimmer Card
Do you have a message of hope you would love to share with your clients, community or friends?  Order a custom Glimmer Card with your website on it, and help glimmer your people.  Enquire below for the available package options.  
Package options include a Glimmer artwork and postcard design created specifically for you, your business or your project, and different quantities of postcards, prints and more. This would be perfect for large corporations or charity groups, schools and even influencers.  Custom packages can also be arranged if the current options aren't suitable.

Glimmer Your School Fundraiser
Lets face it, school can be a tough place for many kids, staff and teachers.  Why not order some Glimmer Cards for your teachers to encourage their students and each other?  Or, have each student write a card for a friend or family member. The options are endless, and the school can fundraise while lifting spirits too. 
Are you a representative from a school or community group?  Click the button to learn more about fundraising package options.  

The Glimmer Cards
Discover the first 5 cards in the Glimmer range.
I See You
(Infused with Inspiration & Celebration EO Blends from Young Living)
I wanted to let you know that I SEE you and all the beautiful expressions of yourself you give to the world.  The light that you emanate is glorious, and you deserve to know it.  Keep sparkling, my friend.

Holding Space
(Infused with Journey On & Believe EO Blends from Young Living)
I know things are tough right now. Life hurts sometimes. But for what it’s worth, I’m holding space for you. I’m here, and so are MANY others. You are not alone, and I’ll be here when you are ready. All my love, 

(Infused with Gratitude & Hope EO Blends from Young Living)
Your presence in this world fills me with hope and gratitude. Hope for my own journey, and gratitude for all those big and little moments of joy you give to humanity. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

(Infused with Transformation EO Blends from Young Living)
I just wanted to say that I've witnessed how much you've grown over the years.  I've seen your commitment to YOU.  I've watched you learn to love and value yourself, bit by bit.  I know it hasn't always been easy, and I'm proud of you for enduring.  Lots of love,

(Infused with Believe EO Blend from Young Living)
There is within you a spark of light, which if tended and nurtured could light the world. Believe it, my friend.  

10 Pack of Glimmer Cards
(Including 2 of each design)
Why not make it easy with a 10 pack?  You will receive 2 of each of the above designs.

Frequently asked questions can be found here.
What does the back look like?
Do I have room to write on there too?
The Glimmer Cards come with pre-written messages, however there is a little bit of room on some of them to add your own message, to sign your name and address the card.  The Spark Card only has a short message, so you have room for a little extra on that one.  

Are the individual postcards 'Postage Paid'?
No - as we hope to be sending these around the world, postage will vary depending on where you are sending it to and from.  So make sure you buy some stamps, or take them to the post office.  

Is postage included in the price of the packs?
We are hoping to include postage within the order price, but this will depend on where it is being sent to and the quantities ordered.  

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