Clean Cleaning - Natural ways to clean your home without the nasty side effects of chemical cleaners
We all need to clean sometimes, but I know I HATE using cleaning chemicals that make me want to pass out, or that burn my nose or make it hard to breathe.  And lets face it – if they do that to us, chances are they are WAY too strong for our kids and pets.  Personally, if the warning label says POISON or lists nasty side effects, I AM NOT using it.   Try googling those ingredients by the way.  So, how do we get a good clean?  Here are a few easy tips.

Vinegar, Bicarb Soda and Lemon – these are three everyday ingredients that can clean all manner of things.  Windows, floors, sinks, clothes, toilets and more.  Google some ways to use these, and if you want the house to smell pretty too, add some Lemon or Eucalyptus oil – just check it won’t damage or stain surfaces first.

Epsom salts – did you know that Epsom salts have all sorts of uses around the house?  I use them in my washing machine as a fabric softener (about a tablespoon) with some essential oils to add a nice scent, and they are also great for scrubbing tiles and grout.  

Steam – if you can afford a steam cleaner, you can clean windows, grout and tiles, steam clothes and more.  The heat sanitises the surfaces as well as breaking down the gunge.

Microfibre cloths – there are all manner of microfibre cleaning cloths and mops on the market now.  Microfibre can grab hold of dust and particles in a way that normal cloths can’t, and many are made from recycled materials.  I like Norwex, but there are lots to choose from.

And finally - essential oils! Essential oils like lemon, orange, eucalyptus or tea tree can be great for getting sticky spots off walls, floors and shelves, and can be added to bicarb and vinegar to clean surfaces.  You can add them to the washing machine instead of fragranced washing liquids, and used for air freshening too.  So many uses!  Just check they won’t damage any surfaces before you use them somewhere conspicuous.   Make sure you use high quality, therapeutic grade essential oils to get the best results.  If you aren't sure why this is important, you can download my guide here:  Free Ebook - The 6 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Essential Oils.

Here is to living your best life – catch you next time!

Nessa xxx
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