There is something I need to tell you....

Hello my lovely.

The last couple of years have been a bit of a journey of self discovery for me.  I've had to completely reevaluate my purpose with what I do, and how to do it.  And, as I've worked on myself, the answers have come to me.  

That thing that has always been what makes me unique, has also been the one thing I've been scared of showing you all.  Because lets face it, stepping into your power can be terrifying.  

For those of you who joined me when my focus was on Young Living, know that I am still here for all your questions.  I use my oils daily within my artworks, in my diffusers, to help me sleep, and to reinforce my personal affirmations.  We drink our Ningxia every day, use the body wash, the makeup, the washing liquids.... you name it, we probably have it!  And I will of course be talking oils here occasionally too.  But right now, its time for me to talk art.  

You know my paintings are freaking MAGICAL, right?

As I create my pieces, I’m weaving and infusing them with various vibrational elements - sound, colour, light language, essential oils, reiki, intentions or affirmations - and the result is artworks that call to their people.
They are mirrors to the soul, the story of a life expressed in colour, a tool for creating abundance, an anchor for affirmations. They are snapshots of your aura. They are portals that take you to a place of peace, or bring you back to yourself.

You CANNOT find artworks like these anywhere else. 

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This is your opportunity to have your artwork explained, to explore your responses to colour and discover what that reveals about you. 

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What are you waiting for? 
Hair and makeup by Nix Makeup Artistry

Look what happened when I followed my own advice...

Look what happened when I followed my own advice...
If you read my last article on shifting stuck energy using essential oil blends (check it out here if you didn’t: you might be interested in hearing how that worked for me.  I’ve always found it’s far more interesting reading other people’s experiences than just hoping it works.

So – the two oils I’ve been using for the past few months are Surrender and Awaken.   Surrender is a blend designed to help you let go of those things that hold you back in life (those limiting beliefs I was talking about) and clear and open your mind in order for you to be able to reach your full potential.  Awaken is a blend that has been created to assist with releasing negative memories so that you can begin to make more positive life changes and become aware of your limitless potential.  Awaken is also a wonderful oil to use in manifesting your goals and meditation.  A complementary pairing don’t you think?  

Each morning, I would apply a drop of each over my solar plexus or heart chakra before heading off to work.  I could feel that there was something that needed to be uncovered and recognised, as my business and health were just feeling a bit…STUCK.  No matter how much effort I put in, I always felt depleted and frustrated and like I wasn’t achieving enough. The more I tried, and the harder I pushed, the more exhausted and annoyed I became.  I was trying to force something that would not be forced; therefore, I KNEW I needed to deal with something.  But, as someone who has been studying personal development for years, and who is generally very self-aware, I just couldn’t figure out what it was.  Thus, the oils.  
Then a couple of weeks ago I was asked a question around what the feeling was inside when I just never seemed to succeed.  And BAM – there it was!  I AM UNWANTED.  I could trace that belief back YEARS – right back to a 4 or 5-year-old child, and then onwards through my school years, romances, work places, friendships and more.  As an adult, I can recognise the circumstances that lead to that belief was based on a childish misunderstanding, but I can also see now how I have structured my WHOLE LIFE around this belief.  How does that show up do you ask?  Well, hold on to your seat, because this may just apply to you too.

When you believe in your very core that you are unwanted, you then create a REASON to be wanted or needed in people’s lives, workplaces and society in general.   You make yourself valuable by giving, giving and more giving – time, money, affection, you name it.  For me, this has led to a lifetime of volunteering for everything from charity events and providing free services to donating eggs to childless couples.  I always thought it was me being selfless and caring, but turns out it went a lot deeper than that.

It has led to lots of co-dependent friendships based on me being a ‘support person’ and always being the dependable and reliable one that always puts themselves last.   I have always loved to rescue people.   I’ve been a veritable doormat for some friends, because then they would keep me around.  Don’t get me wrong – not every friendship was like this, and I did genuinely care for those friends.  But it became so entrenched that when a friend would contact me to see if I wanted to catch up, I would automatically think they needed my help with something, not that they just enjoyed my company.  No wonder I felt so crap!  

In my work, I’ve always chosen careers or businesses that gave me external validation – as a face painting fairy that was well loved and ‘so talented!’, to a healer and helper, to a mentor and an artist.  It was all built around being needed or being seen.  And when I didn’t feel needed or seen, I became sad, despondent and frustrated.  Because I felt inside that I was of no value, I always needed that recognition from others to tell me that I was wanted.  

Now, here’s the thing – I don’t blame anyone else for this.  Those friends took advantage because I invited and encouraged them to.  Those things that happened were just things that happened – I chose to make them mean I was unwanted.  I don’t blame myself for this either – I’m human too.  I created this as a survival mechanism, because we all need to feel included in some way to keep us safe.  But now that I can SEE it, I can also start to change it.  

So, what do the oils have to do with all this?  In my experience, the daily application of those oils helped to keep me focused on uncovering what I needed to see.  It allowed me to recognise it without recrimination or blame, to process and unpack it.  Like a poultice designed to draw splinters or infections out of wounds, I feel these oils work on an energetic level to draw out memories, negative thinking and belief systems.  They aren’t a quick fix, but used regularly and with intention, they can work.  
Now that I have recognised this pattern, I’ve changed my oil combination.   My daily oils are now Acceptance (to help me accept myself) and Abundance (to invite positive emotions and prosperity).  My daily affirmation is now:  
“I love and accept myself in all dimensions of time and space.  I am worthy of success and abundance and call them to me now.”  
My habits are changing.  I’m letting go of the need to be wanted.  I’m choosing different actions, and looking after me first.  I’m focusing on my health now, as it’s time to love myself.   I’m coming home to my authentic self, and I can finally see that happiness and self-acceptance is possible.

I would love to hear if this resonates with you too, so reach out or comment below if it does.  If you would like any assistance to purchase some of these beautiful oils, please feel free to contact me on the details below.  
xxx Nessa

The 5 Minute Practice to Help You Shift Stuck Energy

The 5 Minute Practice to Help You Shift Stuck Energy
Energy, or chi, is at the heart of Feng Shui.  The way in which the energy flows, the elements and colours associated with each part of the home and the way in which we can create a harmonious and auspicious environment to live in dictates the colour and placement of furniture, rooms and décor items.  Going from recent personal experience, when we have clutter or the wrong items in certain areas of our homes, things can go a LONG way down the toilet.  

In a similar way, our internal life is also affected by energy.  When we look at alternative and holistic health modalities, the central focus is in moving stuck or stagnant energy, thought forms or beliefs in the mind, body or energy field.  We can often see a reflection in the body of what is happening in the mind.  Back issues and pain might be a physical reflection of a feeling of being unsupported for example, while ulcers can be a sign of too much worrying and stress.  

As someone who works with people to release and reprogram old beliefs and patterns, I have seen many times how shifting energy in one part of your life can lead to shifts in other areas too.  I work with a number of energetic tools including colour, essential oils, Reiki and intention as well as techniques that are more logic based and work on the mechanics of the mind.  All of these can work on a subtle level (sometimes more like a sledgehammer) to create positive change where there was only stagnant energy before.  

One of my favourite ways to shift energy is by using essential oils, words and intention to affirm daily what it is I want to change.  The right kind of essential oils (and there are many wrong kinds out there) are literally the living essence of the plant, and therefore are an energetic substance in and of themselves.  What that means, is that when an oil blend has been created with love, intention and knowledge to stimulate a certain feeling in the mind/body, then that can lend more power to our affirmation.  

Take an oil such as Joy for instance, which was created to inspire feelings of love and happiness.   When we anoint our chest with a drop of the oil, and affirm that we are open to experiencing love and joy today while smelling the oil, it creates an anchor in our awareness.  It not only reminds us of what we are choosing to experience, but we start to condition ourselves with the scent too.  Before long, just opening the bottle will remind us to be open to experiencing love and joy without us even thinking about it.   As scent works directly on the emotional centre of the brain, it is a powerful tool to use.  

Just like all tools though, they need to be used regularly and properly to be of assistance.  First, we must be willing to commit to our daily practice - even if it is only 5 minutes in the morning where we anoint, affirm and breathe.  Investing in good quality tools always saves money in the long run, so make sure you have the right kind of oils and know how to use them (ask me, because I know and can teach you). You also need to be clear on what you want to change and why.   If you aren’t clear and committed, you won’t know when it shifts.  

As with Feng Shui, we usually need to remove the clutter and rearrange a space before the energy shifts – and sometimes on a personal level that involves a serious look at the behaviours, people and places you surround yourself with.  It may be time to let some things go, or spend less time with people who keep you stuck.  To get some clarity on this, download my free worksheet here:  What do I want to shift_.pdf

Finally, be open to whatever happens during the process – you may meet someone who can help you, stumble upon a new activity that brings you joy or make a new friend.  Usually once you commit, things start to happen – but not always what you expect. Things that appear negative at first may turn out to be exactly what is needed for that energy to shift, so look for the lesson and be open to change.  May you experience many blessings and opportunities in your journey. 

xxx Nessa Lovell

PS.  If you would like to learn more about what to look out for when buying essential oils, you can download my free ebook here.  You will also find my contact details for when you choose to buy some yourself, because you know I will look after you.